Tuesday, 10 October 2017

"Meat Rapper" linework. Will erase ink mistakes when coloured.


  1. hey trash tell your trashy friends in stream to check their channels you piece of horse shit... this is ugly


  2. ollie tobin
    9 hours ago
    Hi there Good Ol' Roger D. So about two years ago on Facebook, I used one of my fake FB accounts to comment on your post at which time you and your little minions, CP, Ben the Movie G etc., all preceded to attack me. How fitting since Ben Stetser tried to troll my channel for months that you would be in league with him. You manipulated my friend to join your live streams and he got you to join his and then that Jez Hampton trash. Course he is pretty weak minded and easy to manipulate. I should know. I still manipulate him and he would do anything I wanted him to do. Seriously, you are pathetic Roger. I shared in those comments that day your website where for years you used to try to get money off people then you bring your act to YouTube and enlist the biggest con of all time CP who attacks a poor kid on YT under the guise of comedy. Poor Blu Ray Evan. You destroyed his life. You laughed while CP attacked his family and trashed his reputation and forced him off YT. Why is it that trash people like you and cp can never own to your own evils. Now here you are using the good for nothing tranny Angel, another interloper mind you that fortunately I helped to eradicate from my friend's life. All I ever saw on YouTube from you, was you bellyaching and crying in your videos. Oh look at my good ol' Roger D maker of gay cinema more like filth. My wife left me and I am poor. I work so hard and I am sick. I dont have money to live so let me cry in a YouTube video and say I have to sell off my 3D bluray collection to get funds. But not a month later, good ol Roger D was showing off movies he bought in live streams and videos. Looks like you would spend your money on food Rog and not on movies. But like cp who goes around begging people to give him stuff and takes advantage of his dim witted Danish buddy who all of YT hates anyway.Did you know people laughed at you behind your back Roger? Then I see this opportunity to use this trainwreck tranny, butt hurt from some monkey boy and a poor man's version of cp who was never a rich version to start with himself making comedy and making fun of people and using his gay friends to further his comedy, not unlike cp did to evan. I dont like gays and I dont like dudes who dont know what sex they are. It is far from natural. So while ol Angel is all upset and attacking monkey face, I thought why not stir the pot. after all cp will come out of the woodwork once i expose his cheating ways. using a fake illness to exploit money from a gofundme account that I saw cause a friend had said angel shared it on fb... help my trashy friend cp lie and cheat with his fake diseases. Then I saw it all in Aaron Pynn's stream right after monkey boy. Right after me and Angel (both with separate agendas) attacked trashy brit. There was cp in Aaron's stream begging for handouts again and saying he was sick. The jig is up on you two