Monday, 29 October 2012

Gag Rag Fan Art

This is some fan art based on a panel from The Gag Rag #1 by the ridiculously talented and insanely humble cartoonist and all around spot-on fucking guy that is Jeff Lok. The characters don't have names (well, maybe Jeff has named 'em, but if he has then he ain't tellin' the readers) so I call 'em "Inflatable Desert Island Cannibal Couple". Oops. Shoulda called spoiler alert. Probably not in the way you're thinking, though.....The stupidly prolific Mr. Lok can be found over here, go there immediately. Now. Ideas just slough off this kid like dead skin cells, he has more ideas in a day than I have in a year. Anyway he's DOPE. And I hear he's voting for Mitt Romney, too. 

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Newsletter Illos

Some illustrations for the in-house newsletter for the drop-in where I volunteer, The Roundabout, Grimsby. Massif!!!!