Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Card for an ex-girlfriend, now one of my absolute best friends. It's nice when that happens, isn't it?

Getting crazy into the ol' screen tone, pity it's so chuffin' expensive. But it looks cool. Just shoot me the day I start drawing huge eyes and extreme stylised, spiky haircuts......


  1. Nice job! You do folds and creases like a pro --all of your stuff is really impressive! Here's my facebook account:

    1. Are you PsychoSonic'64?! If so, pleased to "meet" you, and thanks for the kind words! I DO pay a lot of attention to folds and stuff, it's true, so it's nice you recognise that...I'm sure I'm gonna be blown away by your work, my friend....

  2. Well, be prepared to be underwelmed! I've only started to rekindle my love for drawing and doing comics. Most of them end up in the trash bin, but some pointers from a master would be more than welcomed. I don't have site for my work per se, but I do have somethings on my facebook account. Most of the stuff I could just email you.

  3. Pointers??!!? From a master?!!??? Hahah can I have some of what you're smoking please mate there's no masters around here!!! I should be coming to YOU for pointers you crazy fucker! Fucking underwhelmed, bollocks, mate! I know no-one wants to be arrogant or anything but your drawings are bloody beautiful, John. I started drawing seriously again in 2008, started drawing comics in 2010--I SERIOUSLY look forward to the work you'll be producing in a year or so! Sheeit. By the way--sorry if this sounds "gay" (yawn, I know, we're not bigots) but I must say that you have one of the most pleasant faces I've ever seen. Really open and honest. A real "nice bloke". You're a lot younger than I thought, too. Which makes me even more envious at your skills! You bladdy wanker! (Jk!)
    Hope to speak to you (on FB?) soon mate,
    All the best!