Monday, 12 May 2014

I Haven't Posted In Ages..... I thought I'd post the first three pages of "Roger Recovery" all together to see how they read. Just uploaded page 3, I got a new scanner, hadda have my laptop repaired, didn't back up my files....anyway old scanner gave up the ghost. They had an A3 scanner in the shop, God I wanted it so much but it was about half the size of telephone box (there are a few about but you'll hafta try pretty hard to find one and if you actually need to make a call you need to have the wealth of, like, a Russian oligarch, or something (I mean phone boxes, not huge A3 printers)), I couldn't afford it and it had like a FAX MACHINE (?!) built in as well as a printer and blah blah blah.
    Anyhow, The Adventures of Roger Recovery. I think I should build up a few more pages and get ahead then do it as a "webcomic". Or something, I don't fucking know, stop asking me these questions.


  1. Looking good Ant! That silhouette panel works nice...ah webcomics. I am in favor of this idea, although don't expect much in the way of "comments." People who read webcomics are the quiet type, and it can be hard to tell if they exist at all sometimes! They do tho!


  2. Yeah I'm still in two minds, man...I'm working thru' a mini, quick n' dirty, different inking tool, with the 7,000 paces characters...done it as double page spreads on a piece of A3 (so each page is really A4) for easy collation (and "artistic) reasons....I usedta throw (well, store! Bristol board ain't cheap!) my failures but I'm better at following through now...that was my problem for ages, not finishing anything....but I'm getting a grasp on what I want to do, now, I think. I'm not lazy (well, MOST of the time I'm not!)! Just really picky....I just need to get it out there, good bad or indifferent, I guess. Roger recovery is the most comfortable and happy I've felt with a story for AAAAAAGEEESSSSSSS, though, so....onward and upward!

    Still got loads of alt Brit stuff for you, a ll the issues of a great tabloid and some other bits, drawing and letter....ya might need to e-mail me your address again. I'll slip a 20 dollar bill in there too for Gag Rags and postage. I NEED THEM, sir! TAKEMYFUCKINGMONEY!!!!

    Love on yer!

    Hope everything is good with you my friend--e-mail me, baybay!


  3. Very happy to see these, pal. I know the battle of the scanners all too well.