Monday, 15 April 2013



  1. I came into an Alf kids book called Mission to Mars. I may mail this to you whenever I actually have comics to send you again. You may wish to know of a curious incident. Sorry to hemingway this comment, brain dead, can't write big sentences, but i thought to tell you... your drawing of God in the ball cap was hanging in the hallway, right outside the bathroom, where a small electrical fire starts up last Friday, filling the attic and 3rd floor with acrid smoke. A fireman investigating the attic can't see because of the smoke, he steps on a part of floor where the last electrician to work on the place never put everything back, falls through the ceiling, lands on his feet in our hallway...right next to your art.

    Not a scratch on the fireman or the art!

    Also, that monkey's some tight shit. Hope all's well in your land, Ant !! I love everything you post, as always. Oh! FA 4, by the way, is postponed, in case you were wondering why you hadn't gotten any sort of an email.


  2. WHOA. Shit dude that's MENTAL.
    Didja e-mail me a coupe months ago? I hadn't checked my inbox for...a bit...and....I had like 40-odd pages of e-mails, going through 'em whilst a bit drunk I was sure I saw your name, made sure it was marked as "unread"....and now I can't find it!? Am I not going back far enough, or something?!? FUCKSTICKS! Uhm what was I gonna say...oops, no, 'sgone. I managed to get double copies of a great newspaper style UK anthology, The Comics Reader, for you, and I have an old Weirdo and Mickey Rat that I have doubles of so I'll send you those in a week or two (when I get some "Queens heads!). I still need to give you money for the Gag Rag #2's, gimme your paypal details or whatever please, mang!!!
    You're just going from strength to insane strength, dude, that page with the dogs and the new little Father Time arc?!?!....FUCKING AMAZING, brother. Amazing. One day I promise I shall buy you a beer (in person), several beers in fact! I vow of this day! Oh that's what I was gonna say--I'm glad you're okay after the fire--coulda been a lot worse, mate!
    Great to hear from you, man, e-mail me when you have time, I check it every two days now, that stuffed inbox was...depressing....kind of like when your room is SO UNTIDY that you just don't know where to start, 'cause nothing'll make a dent in the mess?!?! I'm fine man, really good, starting dental treatment in a fortnight, I can't wait (my teeth are fucked 'cause of the druuuugs, maaaaaannn)! No, really, I CAN'T WAIT! Anyway as the kids say--get at me, dawg!



  3. Gosh, I dunno if I did email you in the last couple months or not. If I did it was nothing important. Yeah, that's a daunting inbox. That would've caused me to delete my account and go into hiding. Some dissociative fugue state, you'd never hear from me again. Can't do facebook or that anymore either...too much time and mental thought. I'm better at email, but I'm still no means good at it. Always forgetting the important ones. 40 pages. 40. Ugh.
    I appreciate the compliments, as always, but I'd much rather it if you bought me a beer. One of these days I'll hafta hop the pond :) Get at me dawg!! haha Don't you love how everyone calls everyone dawg now? It's so weird. Is it all because of snoop? All because of one person's childhood nickname? Are future generation's kids going to call kids lion? That'd be a little neater. All Bunny Wailer. Man, drugs are bad, man. I never did the teeth fucking up drugs. I did have a sweet script for Oxycontin for 2 glorious months tho. I'd smoke pot and color comics on the computer. I remember those 2 months so fondly, except for I was bleeding out my crotch the entire time.
    I have been worried about the smoking lately. I only started smoking when I was 25 or something, but I've been a habitual pot smoker for a long time. I was thinking about it, I'm usually smoking, unless I'm at work (where I breath in heavy chemicals :), so I'm probably at 2, 3 packs a day if you count the pot. Plus i've burnt the back of my throat so many times smoking resin, the thought of throat cancer and heart attacks really worries me. I've had this scratchy lil' lump in my throat for a few months now, I've gotta stop thinking about it probably. It's probably just the hypochondria, or a little bronchial infection. I've gotta stop with the smoking all the time tho. The trouble is...well, frankly...I think a lot of it is I haven't had a girlfriend for so 6 years. And I have so much nervous, addictive energy that hasn't gone into a relationship for too long. I try to spread it around in the least harmful way possible to my body. Coffee, beer, pot, cigarettes. I could probably trade one in for a life improvement about now tho!

    All Love from the Green Mountains my friend! Keep producing the beauty, keep on shining that ink, or whatever you do to it. It's really neat to see you working out your Roger Recovery stuff on the old inky ruin blog. Those 2 characters are so solid, already!! You're a great writer...I don't know if I've ever mentioned this...but your characters personalities COMPLETELY come thru in the dialogue. It's Great! Even by page 2! They're fully fucking formed.

    Aiiight my man, I'ma fuckin draw or somethin.
    keep dat shit real, dawg!!!!!!!!