Sunday, 27 May 2012

Roger Recovery Characters

Character sketches for a new comic project.


  1. I want to read this...and maybe do drugs while reading it. Are those nibs?

  2. Hahah no! You can't read a comic about recovery on drugs!!! Well, you can, obviously, but i'd prefer it if you resisted...whoa didja see the guy in Miami who ate that other dude's face when he was high on mephedrone?!?! Holy fucking shit! This was over the weekend...scary, especially as that shit is REALLY popular in my town at the moment, especially with college kids and 18-25 year olds in best mate had a scary psychotic episode on it, shit is worse than crack cocaine in terms of it's effect on your dopamine and serotonin's fucked up. Thank God crystal meth hasn't taken off here.....
    Whoa digression hahah! Yeah these were all inked with a Hunt 108 crowquill, I was using the 102 but they're too stiff for me, the 108 is REALLY flexible and responsive, kind of similar to a cheap synthetic brush in it's sensitivity...and as you can see you can get really thick brush-like strokes from it. Only downside is that it doesn't hold a great deal of ink so you're constantly dipping but that doesn't bother me. I know Justin Green and Walt Holcombe are 2 cartoonists who use the their stuff if you haven't! "Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary" and "The King of Persia" (respectively) are total CLASSICS of "graphic literature".....
    As ever, thanks loads for your kind words, comments like yours keep me going! Hope you're well my dude. BLESS

  3. Ha, I will try to resist. I did see that, it's been quite a stir over here, because all Americans are obsessed with zombies, but they ignore that he was seriously screwed up that junk. I live in Missouri now, and sadly the southern areas are known for lots of meth production and trafficking. Pretty sad stuff.

    Anyway, I will check out those guys. I don't know much about nibs, but I give using them a shot every now and again. I'm still trying to master the brush(maybe in 10 years, I'll get it), but nibs also interest me. I tend to use smaller brushes, so I understand the constant dipping.

    Also, I'd like to have more consistent chatting, so if you're ok with that, send me your email, or you can email me at

  4. yeah baybay 'm so down for that shit! My addy is me up with some of your drawings young sir, looking forward to it, bro, BLESS