Thursday, 15 December 2011

'Nother Repaneled Submission

From "The Chemist and the Capuchin" by John Bagnall. First one his, second one my rather literal re-interpretation.


  1. Beautiful work!

    Sorry I saw your comment on my blog late, but I just replied to it.

  2. i saw your comment on the ROM blog in regards to our spat on my YouTube video. you're more then welcomed to make a video about Jews in the comic book industry. the software i used in the Jewish Super Heroes video is free and very user friendly and you can get started through the One True Media link in the video description. but really my other video you commented on should have been much more informative to you then the Jewish Super Heroes one. i hate radical leftists every bit as much as i hate right wingers so i'm not sure what it is you want to smoke a peace with me over.

  3. I just take people as I find them...I mean I couldn't be friends with a radical right-ist, fuck that Nazi shit, but you know, DIALOGUE, man...maybe we can learn from each other. Every one has the right to be proud of their heritage--it's when it starts fucking with other people's freedom's when it becomes a problem, wouldn't you agree?
    But respect to you for writing me here, sir. Please realise--I try my hardest to give both sides of that egregiously contentious problem a chance...when it comes down to it I think it's a "lesser of two evils" situation--I know that's simplifying the issue but...I dunno.
    Oh and I'm English, not American, by the way.
    Your other video WAS informative but I just couldn't get on wit the propagandist tone...we're fed so much biased mainstream media bullshit that it's hard to parse "the Truth", you know? but I would really like to dialogue with you, like I said maybe we can BOTH learn something, maybe?

    Yours respectfully,


  4. Oh and a helluva lot of those radical leftists gave their lives fighting Nazism.